Cembalo nach anonymen Vorbildern, frühes 17. Jahrhundert

Harpsichord after anonymous models,
early 17th century

Range: C/E — c³ with split accidentals for Fis/Gis in the bass and split accidentals dis/es and gis/as,
8´ 8´ or 4´ 8´ available,
Length: 198 cm,
Width: 75 cm,
Weight: ca. 16 kg;
Pitch: 440 or 465 Hz

Uncompromising, early Italian harpsichord. It is an incredibly dynamic and vital instrument and the first choice for the passionate enthusiast of meantone tuning.

Listen to the 1st sound-example

Download 1st sound-example (mp3, 2,6 MB)

Listen to the 2nd sound-example

Download 2nd sound-example (mp3, 1,7 MB)